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Building Better Balance

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"What I'm after isn't flexible bodies, but flexible minds, and to restore each person to their human dignity."
- Moishe Feldenkrais DSc
Chronic Pain:
Do you feel muscle and joint pain that keep you from doing the things you like to do? Are you hesitant to join movement classes for fear of hurting yourself? Have you found traditional therapies to be too painful or unproductive, leaving you feeling frustrated and defeated?
With more evenly distributed movements in the body, less strain is placed in any one area. The gentle Feldenkrais Method®  improved freedom of movement, increases balance, and creates healthier habits. (Read More.)
Children and Learning: 
The Feldenkrais Method® and MNRI® helps children with developmental delays move with more ease and reach new milestones. When childrens' movement  patterns are more fluid they will attend more easily to cognitive demands and improve their learning capabilities. (Read more.)
PTSD, Addictions, and Survival Reflexes:
PTSD is connected to addictions. Caused by physical or emotional trauma, it alters movement patterns and reflexes, and keeps a person’s brain in survival mode of fight or flight. These reflexive patterns over-ride the optimal ability to feel, think, accurately perceive onesself and their environment, and react accordingly. Retraining the brain through exploratory movements and re-patterning reflexes, create new habits, improve the ability to return to optimal function, and manage life. This includes cravings caused by their addictions.
Breathing and Movement:
Many individuals hold their breath when they move. Shallow breathing or poorly distributed breathing is often not recognized as a contributing source for various difficulties, including muscle tightness, pain, inflexibility, poor balance and coordination. It may also cause cause speech impairments or delays in the developing child.
Aging and Balance: 
Walking and the risk of falling is just one of the many concerns for aging individuals and their family members. The Feldenkrais Method® is so gentle that even individuals who do not move very well, or are afraid to move can benefit and enjoy it.  (Read more.)
Individuals with Dementia:
They can benefit from the Feldenkrais Method® through their still intact ability to learn through their Procedural Memory. The Feldenkrais Method® can help individuals improve balance, coordination, alertness and awareness of his or her surroundings. (Read more.)
Music and The Arts:
Playing a musical instrument requires many repetitive movement patterns, that can leave the musician in chronic pain or discomfort, often to a point when it is difficult to play the instrument at all. (Read More.)
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Awareness Through Movement (ATM)® classes
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